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Why we built SATLLA2.1?

Why did we build SATLLA2.1? Where did the ".1" come from?

As you know, the SATLLA2 nano-satellite was supposed to be launched in early 2021 aboard the Falcon 9 via Alba Cluster 3. Unfortunately, the launch was postponed twice and is currently scheduled for mid-2021. The delay extends the waiting time of SATLLA2 and other satellites already in the pod for another half a year. The satellite batteries required disassembling the pod and recharging each satellite.

We took advantage of this situation to our benefit. We immediately started building a new, better, and durable nano-satellite. We took the time to investigate the issues that caused SATLLA1 to fail and implemented the changes in the new SATLLA2.1. We built a stronger chassis and improved the energy system. We built SATLLA2.1 within two months and sent it to the U.S. after intensive testing.

Next week, SATLLA2 will be taken out of the pod and it will be replaced with the new SATLLA2.1 when its batteries are already charged. We have some surprises in this satellite and we hope that this time we will pick up its signals when it passes over us in space. Of course, you are also welcome to pick up its beacons and share them with us.

This time we shot a short video of the assembly process. Feel free to watch it.

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