Autonomous Robotics


Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle research is a main component of the KCG lab. We develop smart algorithms for autonomous drones and other UAVs. Those algorithms enable the UAV autonomous navigation and landing in challenging environments (e.g., on a boat).

Moreover, the lab also develops a proof-of-concept for an autonomous boat that can “live” for several months in the water.

one of the hottest topics in the high-tech market. The main goal in automation is minimizing human errors in complex mission.


In our lab, we are developing autonomies for variety of vehicles, ships  and drones. In order to develop automation, we use a wide range of sensors in the field of ultrasound, laser, image processing and more.

Our research deals with bio-inspired robotics and swarm algorithms

The Aoutonomous Robotics Team

Prof. Boaz Ben-Moshe

Head of the KnCG lab

Head of the Department of Computer Engineering

Research fields: theoretical and applied aspects of Computational Geometry and Facility Location Optimization, including: Approximating Radio Maps, Locating Wireless Back-bone, Frequency Allocation, Visibility Graphs, Terrain Simplification, Allocation Problems, Vehicle Routing Problems, and GIS expert systems.

Noam Gaash

Master's student

Department: computer science

Research fields and projects: wave simulation and prediction using AI, 3D simulations in blender and unity

Amit kashi

undergraduate student

Department: mechanical engineering

Research fields and projects: designing integraded controled mechanical systems, programing microcontroller and MEMS technologies

Dr. Roi Yozevitch

Post-doc student

Department: electrical engineering

Research fields: GNSS optimization, AI aplications, FSO

Projects: head of the satellite project, autonomous vehicles development

Prizes: Wolf Foundation scholarship


Kfir Cohen

KnCG lab engineer

Projects: Drone adaptation, autonomous vehicles and satellite project development

Vlad Landa

Ph.D student

Department: computer science

Research fields: applied mathematics, autonomous vehicle development, urban navigation

Elliot Serfaty

undergraduate student

Research fields and projects: laser communication, optical tracking via telescope, autonomous ship development

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