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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle research is a main component of the KCG lab. We develop smart algorithms for autonomous drones and other UAVs. Those algorithms enable the UAV autonomous navigation and landing in challenging environments (e.g., on a boat).

Moreover, the lab also develops a proof-of-concept for an autonomous boat that can “live” for several months in the water.

one of the hottest topics in the high-tech market. The main goal of automation is minimizing human errors in complex missions.


In our lab, we are developing autonomies for a variety of vehicles, ships, and drones. In order to develop automation, we use a wide range of sensors in the field of ultrasound, laser, image processing, and more.

Our research deals with bio-inspired robotics and swarm algorithms

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The Autonomous Robotics Team

Prof. Boaz Ben-Moshe

Head of the KnCG lab

Head of the Department of Computer Engineering

Research fields: theoretical and applied aspects of Computational Geometry and Facility Location Optimization, including: Approximating Radio Maps, Locating Wireless Backbone, Frequency Allocation, Visibility Graphs, Terrain Simplification, Allocation Problems, Vehicle Routing Problems, and GIS expert systems.

Amit kashi


Department: Mechanical Engineering.

Research fields and projects: designing integrated controlled mechanical systems, programming microcontroller, and MEMS technologies.

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