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Our lab specializes in wireless wi-fi cyber protection for various purposes.

Wi-Fi is a popular technology we all use on a daily basis. It allows electronic devices to exchange data wirelessly via radio waves over a computer network. Web pages that use SSL are usually quite secure but unencrypted internet access can be easily detected by unwanted entities.

At our lab we focus on many elements, starting with  Software Defined Radio (SDR) allows us to create almost any RF circuit we would like. With SDR, we can emulate GNSS systems' communications enabling us to produce time integrity and navigation attacks which prove to be very effective. On the other hand, such attacks are very simple to counter utilizing legitimate co-existing GNSS systems as a validating and reference time signal.  At the same time, such a signal can disrupt the ability to use legitimate signals thus producing smart jamming. Another application for the ability to "fake" time signals is useful when one wants to emulate space conditions for a satellite without the need of an expensive GNSS simulator.

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